Top 5 Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest model of smart phones in the Samsung family; it has exceptional applications that had not been developed before creating a new world of smart phones. Just as its predecessor, Galaxy s4, they look similar from the display even when tossed though it has a smooth touch.

Samsung Galaxy S5 marks a great breakthrough in the smart phone technology with is major features as the finger print scanner and the heart rate monitor that exclusively depict its unique feature. Due to intense hype that surrounded its users, the Galaxy S5 family proves to be the best with some of outstanding applications that are discussed below.

1. S. Health 3.0

Exclusively found in Samsung galaxy S5, S. Health 3.0 is one of the biggest technological breakthrough that Samsung has, it has been designed to work with its Gear smart watches. It also has an inbuilt biometric heart rate monitor that allows users to take their pulse which is relevant during sporting activities or when doing some exercise as well as health condition monitoring.

2. Swift keyboard 4.0

This is a distinctive application that adapts to the users typing since its sensor builds a heat map of the strokes by so doing its able to adapt to it. The swift key 4.0, also has the ability to keep its users frequently used words while typing for future references.

3. Camera zoom FX

Camera zoom FX is a full camera application developed by the Android slide. It offers multiple shooting modes, allows the users to add filters, boarders, framing and light manipulation.

4. Evernote

This app enables a user to organize information from notebooks and sharing them with others as well as use an automated transcription of audio into text

5. Dolphin Browser

This app enables the Samsung Galaxy S5 users to browse the web using their voice, share websites and save bookmarks. It also allows the users to easily add applications to their home screen, synchronize web history, password and bookmarks. Not forgetting, they can post web pages directly to face book and share the contentment directly to Evernote.

Conclusively, Samsung Galaxy S5 has proved to be the best android phone in the Samsung family by providing plenty of upgrades as compared to Galaxy S4 including an improved screen, redesigned software and improved camera.