Tidy Tilt – iPhone 4S

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TidyTilt – iPhone 4S

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Wrap your earbud cords without skipping a beat. Tidy Tilt for the iPhone 4s is always at hand, since it lives on the back of your iPhone. When you’re done using your earbuds, simply wrap them over your iPhone, snap Tidy TiltĀ for the iPhone 4s closed, and pop your earbuds right off. Tidy Tilt for the iPhone 4s keeps your cords neat and secure, whether in a bag, pocket, or attached to your iPhone.

Tidy Tilt for the iPhone 4s serves as a stand for iPhone, enabling landscape and portrait orientation at multiple angles – perfect for watching movies, typing, or making video calls. It even does so while simultaneously keeping your earbuds secured. Gaming with a friend? Position Tidy TiltĀ for the iPhone 4s at the center of iPhone for a new seesaw-like head-to-head gaming experience.

Thanks to Tidy Tilt’s strong, strategically-placed magnets, you can tack your earbuds or whole iPhone to any magnetically-responsive surface. Pop it onto your fridge for cooking recipes, stick it to a dry-erase board for brainstorming, or park it on the key-holder by your front door.

Made to work with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.


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