Tech Armor Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air (first generation) High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protectors — Maximum Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy [2Pack]

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Compatibility: iPad Air 2 (newest model) / iPad Air (first generation)”
Tech Armor is the #1 trusted online resource for screen protection with the industry leading NO-HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Preserve your resale value- Protect your iPad Airscreen from scratches, dust and daily wear and tear.

Product Description


DID YOU KNOW – A screen full of scratches will lower your resale value!

PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE RESALE VALUE – The Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector pays for itself as your first line of line of defense against scratches that reduce the resale value of your iPad Air!

If you only accept the BEST for your iPad Air, look no further:

BEST Protection from Scratches

BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value

BEST Bubble Free Installation

BEST Touchscreen Accuracy

You may be able to pay for an entire upgrade fee and get a new phone just by keeping your screen in its original, flawless condition with a Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector.

HD Clear will compliment the visuals of your Apple Retina display and TruTouch technology provides 99.99% touch accuracy.

COMPATIBILITY: Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air (first generation), All Carriers, All Models

The TECH ARMOR HD Clear Screen Protector Kit Includes:

– Two (2) Screen Protectors

– Installation Instructions

– Smoothing Card

– Microfiber Cloth

– Dust Removal Tape

– Retail Packaging

Compatibility: iPad Air 2 (newest model) / iPad Air (first generation)”

Preserve your resale value- Protect your iPad Airscreen from scratches, dust and daily wear and tear.
Tech Armor TruTouch Flawless Touchscreen Accuracy, made from the highest quality Japanese PET film available.
Bubble-free, easy install, and perfect fit.