The Solid – iPhone 5s Gel Case

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Let your iPhone 5 go anywhere with the Solid Case.

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Here’s the worst feeling in the world. You buy that hot new iPhone 5s and you are showing it off to everyone. This little brunette cutie spies you being the man and you lock eyes from across the room. You think you’re golden and now you’re ready to rock. NO PLAYER YOU AIN’T GOT CASE PROTECTION ON YOUR IPHONE 5s. Your friend Tony just ate pizza (GREASY HANDS) so he loses control of your iPhone 5s. Your all new iPhone 5s slips from his hands and drops to the floor (nooooooo).  The brunette laughs and exclaims, “Nice scratched up and cracked phone loser!” How could you be so irresponsible?? How could you lose the girl (you had her!)?? Get the CASEITUP Solid Case for iPhone 5 now and never lose her again!

The all new iPhone 5s cases have arrived! The new Solid 5s case keeps your new iPhone 5s looking brand new while keeping it safe from dirt, dust and scratches.  Comes in an astounding 13 different colors!


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