The Opener – iPhone 4S

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Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4S.

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Let me paint you a picture on why you NEED this bottle opener case for iPhone 4S. You’re at the beach with your two boys. You notice with your peripherals¬†these three little cuties about 10 yards to the left (a blonde, a brunette and yes a red head). These little babes brought two 12 packs of Magic Hat beer and surprise THEY DON’T HAVE A BOTTLE OPENER (real beer ain’t got no twist offs)! They’re now freaking out. With the OPENER CASE for iPhone 4S you have your OPENING (pun intended bizzy)! You slide over with the super swag and approach baby like, “Yo girl, use dis one” (you seriously talk like that?). You slide out the stainless steal bottle opener blade, open their cold brews and now the red head will slide open her… well, you get the picture.

Fits iPhone 4S & 4.  Stainless steel bottle opener blade and hard plastic shell to keep your iPhone safe!

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