We already told you about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Slim Case offer that CASEITUP has going in our previous blog post: http://caseitup.com/best-samsung-galaxy-s4-cases/.  Now it’s time to unleash some real synergy of form and function!  Check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case and Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case.

[twocol_one]Check out the Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case


S4_Black_Wallet_Case[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]And Look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case




Both are at the corner of form and function.  The Wallet Case is “cool because I can put more than just my credit card and ID in it, I put a $20 in there for emergencies” writes Stephanie (A Happy S4 Wallet Case Customer).  Seriously folks, these are the two most popular Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases.  Whether you like the thinner Flip Case style or the Functioning Wallet Case style, both come with that premium, confident feel, covering the back and the front.  And GUESS WHAT – they are both coming with a FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR AND STYLUS!  Use coupon code samsung25 for 25% OFF!  Now through 6/1.